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  • Track where your content is being shared
  • Remove unauthorized distributions of your content
  • Identify and neutralize high-piracy websites
  • Access screenshots, DMCA notice records, contact logs and more


  • Receive statistics on viewership, brand engagement and impressions
  • Identify which websites have the best target markets
  • Improve your SEO and brand marketing through in depth analytics


  • Join our network of partner websites and monetize your content
  • Manage advertising campaigns based on 20+ data points
  • Track brand development and growth
  • Find your market share within the industry


DigiRegs uses state of the art audio/video fingerprinting to identify content across the web. We do not rely on watermarks or embedded data, but rather match each piece of content based on it's actual audio and video characteristics. Our technology supports a wide array of applications, including:

  • Digital Rights Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Share Development

We support and develop customized services to ensure we provide you with the perfect solutions!


  • Provides access to our growing list of partner tube sites who remove infringing content before it can even go live.
  • Allows for customizable business rules to allow/remove flagged content based on duration, host site, and various other metrics.
  • Offers real-time reporting and tracking of infringing content with instant removal.
  • Can be integrated with content advertising campaigns to advertise and grow brands rather than removing content.


  • Monitors major video tube sites, torrents, and social media, blogs and forums, and prevents unauthorized distribution of your content.
  • Allows for flexible settings for content removal and monitoring, based on the brand of content, the host site, the duration of the match, and more.
  • Offers real-time tracking, take-down notification history, screenshots and more for all legal needs.
  • Automatically whitelists authorized uploaders, affiliates and partner accounts to only target unauthorized uploads.

Partner Program

  • Gives you access to extensive marketing campaigns that work seamlessly with RightSecure and ContentHunter for new revenue streams.
  • Tracks in real time the market share of content and shows optimal strategic marketing and advertising opportunities for each section of the market.
  • Supports a comprehensive portfolio of data and metrics which can be collected and used for competitive analysis and brand campaign management.

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